Better Than the Average Meat Eater “Pescatarian” Diet – Slim Me Down

If you’re done with the hardcore meats, this diet is for you. This diet eliminates all meat except for seafood and dairy. I don’t care what you’ve been told; both eggs and seafood are meat. One is just from the sea and the other is in liquid form! This diet will teach you how to choose the best of both worlds and properly pair them up with alkaline foods.

This meal plan includes a complete educational breakdown, a 4-week meal plan with grocery shopping list, recipes, supplement, and herbal suggestions.

Options include:

“I Need to Gain”- super slim just want to add a little weight

“Slim Me Down”- it’s time to drop this body fat

“Maintain Me”- just looking to be healthy and maintain my size


Pescatarian – Slim Me Down

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