Kemetic Life

Here at Kemetic Life, we know health is a journey that can be quite difficult to master on your own.  That’s why we make sure you are covered in all areas—from fitness to nutrition to herbs. We want Kemetic Life to be a lifestyle that you and your family can maintain. In every area, we start you from where you are and build you up with the proper knowledge, which we tailor to fit your needs every step of the way. We have structured programs to meet everyone’s needs and budget such as 1 on 1, small group and large group fitness programs.

Have you ever thought…

“I never ate right in my life”?

“Ease me off this meat”?

“Let me get this alkaline life together”?

“I need these parasites out”?

“Just heal me”?

“Yeast infections begone”?

If you have wrestled with any of these ideas, you’re in the right place because we have crafted nutrition program for each one! We even include a variety of herbs and teas within each program. The average timeframe to bring someone from ground zero to a 100% Kemetic Life alkaline lifestyle is 90 days.