Kemetic Herbs

Herbs are plants that contain crucial minerals for proper function of the body. As long as the world has existed, herbs have been our original, true medicine. Herbs not only help the body maintain a healthy state, but they also heal the body from the inside out. When the immune system has been compromised, and herbs heal without any adverse effects—unlike modern European medicine. Modern European medicines don’t contribute to the body’s healthy state. They certainly don’t help the body heal. Instead of healing, Modern European medicine only masks the true source of illness. This process further weakens the immune system and even creates other issues within the body.

All herbs are not considered equal. Although they may offer great benefits to the body, some herbs also rob the body of certain minerals. Turmeric is a primary example of this paradox, which people still use, as it has been around for hundreds of years. This hybrid of Indian wild turmeric contains curcumin which can cause gallstones when consumed on a regular basis. These types of herbs are called hybrids. Hybrid herbs are created when their genetic structure has been compromised due to the mixing of organic herbs. This process disrupts the function of other genes within the herbs and creates novel proteins which lead to the presence of toxins and allergens in foods and herbs.

Because of the reasons listed above, we at Kemetic Herbs only carry organic, non-GMO herbs. The primary goal of Kemetic Herbs is to teach people how to care for and heal themselves as our ancestors once did—from the organic plants of the earth.